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K&N® - 33 Series Air Filter

K&N® - 33 Series Air Filter product
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K&N Engineering in Riverside California is the world's leading manufacturer of washable performance air filters and air intake systems. K&N invented the reusable high flow cotton air filter in 1969 and has been perfecting the technology ever since. K&N is a world class filtration company selling air filters, oil filters, and air intakes in over 30 countries.

K&N® - 33 Series Air Filter Installation video
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Thank you very helpful! - by , Jan 09, 2013
4/ 5stars
In the video, everything is very clearly shown how to replace the fan. Thank you!

Video helpful! - by , Jan. 06, 2013
5/ 5stars
Thank me this video was very helpful!

Product description: 33 Series Air Filter by K&N®. Get better performance, superior engine protection and more economical operation just by changing your air filter. The K&N air filter gives you increased airflow without sacrificing filtration ability. It's the last air filter you'll ever buy for your car.
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Customer reviews:
Great Filter for Any Engine - by , November 2, 2012
4/ 5stars
I purchase these filters on all of my vehicles (past and current). I had lots of gas savings on my Toyota Highlander 2005, about 60 miles per tank more with K&N, but with 2008 model I didn't have any difference. But the ease of going up to speed was better with K&N in it. On the current Mercedes ML350 I felt a good change in acceleration as well, haven't tested MPG yet.
Good Air Filter - by , November 2, 2012
5/ 5stars
HP and torque increased immediately after installation.
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