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Whether you plan to improve your vehicle's performance or simply want to add some flare to its style, we store an exhaustive collection of accessories and parts designed specifically for your vehicle. Whatever product you choose, you are guaranteed to get nothing but the premium quality, unrivaled performance, and unique style. Understanding that your vehicle deserves only the top accessories and parts, we carefully handpicked each single item. And be sure all of them are manufactured by the most reputable companies in the industry, so the quality is beyond any doubts. If you still are not sure what product to choose, you are welcome to check 2,266 reviews with an average rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars, and define what accessory or part perfectly fits both your vehicle and your pocket.

When it comes to straight-up performance with the style to match, Honda makes it mark year after year. Efficient, economical, and ultra-modern, drivers from all walks of life benefit from the advantages their Honda version presents. Everyone from street-tearing roadburners to suburban homemakers have made Honda their choice because the brand forever remains that versatile. From headlights to taillights, Honda Accessories and Parts have always remained popular and relevant because this is one of the top companies that invite the very best in modern customization. CARiD sees in your car what you do, which is why we have a tremendous selection of the top-quality Honda accessories you need to elevate your ride's profile to the next level.

In 1976, the Accord joined the Civic as Honda's two main entrants in the US. The Accord's popularity in conjunction with the already admired Civic gave Honda the ability to spread its reach. Motorcycles were still a part of the roster, but the success of the sedans was beginning to snowball. The Accord would eventually surge through the 80s and by decade's end, the versatile sedan took over as the most popular car in America. Honda would not sit on its hands, though. It was during this time the brand launched Acura, their luxury division. Other developments such as VTEC engines, aluminum body construction, and plenty of technological comforts located inside their models had given Honda a well earned reputation for responding to consumer needs. The nineties saw even more achievements for Honda, as models such as the Prelude and the S2000 became reliable yet stylish choices for a new generation of car buyers.

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Since 1948, Honda has been churning out efficient, stylish vehicles for a wide following of drivers. Honda got its start by producing motorcycles after World War II to accommodate Japan's population of transportation-deprived citizens. Scooters were the primary type of motorbike Honda assembled, as their small stature and penchant for fuel economy were a necessity for the climate. As the 1960s came into view, Honda finally began to get into automobiles as well as auto parts and forayed into Formula One racing. However, it would take another decade before the N600 would reach American shores. While initial interest in the brand was lukewarm, the arrival of the Honda Civic in 1973 would establish the company as a highly respected alternative to traditional domestic nameplates.

Currently, Honda offers top-quality vehicles in a variety of segments. The Ridgeline, Honda's lone 4X4 truck, combines the cab and bed into one, giving drivers the capability of a truck with the cozy confines of an SUV. As for sport utility vehicles, the Pilot and Element provide smooth, responsive handling with an extra dose of cargo space as well as tech-savvy features. The CR-V is Honda's crossover, a sleekly-styled SUV that is both compact and dependable. As for sedans, Honda still carries their longtime superstars such as the Accord and Civic, with both seeing as much action as ever before. The Honda Fit is a subcompact hatchback that shows off a reasonable amount of kick, terrific fuel efficiency, and a surprisingly comfortable cabin. Legends like the Prelude and S2000 are still desired automobiles for most, as the resale value of most Honda vehicles is one of the company's biggest strengths.

CARiD sees in your car what you do, which is why we have a tremendous selection of the top-quality Honda accessories and parts you need to elevate your ride's profile to the next level. Confidence and understanding are the backbone to why we carry only the best Honda parts around. And you will not find the level of care that we provide anywhere else. So in that case, welcome! You've just found your new home! Stay and look around. You'll like what you see.

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Buy a good car from Honda and you will never regret it.

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It most great video about Honda

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Honda News
Honda Civic Si Is Prepared by Fox Marketing for SEMA
About honda News

With SEMA being so close, Fox Marketing provides the 2012 Honda Civic Si with a fancy widebody kit. The modifications include revised bumpers, tail spoiler, widened arches, vented bonnet, diffuser , and side skirts. Fox also painted the car BASF R-M Ultrasonic Blue Pearl. The main focus of this build, as stated by Fox Marketing, was actually to showcase the performance capability and reliability from Honda’s new K24Z7 power plant. The substantial performance upgrade is massive 450 hp due to the turbocharger kit. Taking into consideration the fact that the K24Z7 is already strong from the factory, a new Full-Race intercooled turbo kit was added. The turbo kit includes the BorgWarner EFR turbo, noticed before in Honda’s LMP1/LMP2 engine program, and 2012 Indycar teams. Additional power and durability also come from Honda RRC intake manifold (euro Accord Type-R). Because of such type of power, a serious traction was needed. That's why Fox chose a 10.5 inch wide Vossen wheel with Toyo Tyre. The other part of the kit includes sport suspension, chassis tuning, and brakes. As for interior upgrades, Honda Civic Si got Yonaka Ronin racing seats with matching upholstery and trims.

Jan 11, 2013
Honda Wins Five Awards for Low-cost Cars
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Honda won five categories in the 2011 “Lowest True Cost to Own” Award. The awards, in 23 categories, estimate the cost of ownership over five years. The Honda Accord gained victory in two categories: Coupes from $25,000 to $35,000 and Sedans from $20,000 to $30,000. Other Honda winners are Civic Hybrid in the category of hybrid vehicles. The list includes vehicles with the lowest cost in their segment. The competitive segment of the model was determined by its body type and the average sales of all available styles of that model's body type.

Jan 10, 2013
Blue Skies with Green Honda
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Yesterday, Honda released its Environmental Annual Report for 2011 where the company declared company's new goal of CO2 emissions reduction. The report states that Honda will reach 30% carbon emissions reduction by the year 2020. Back in 1992, Honda announced its Environmental Statement that defined the company's commitment to address environmental issues. Since then, Honda has been striving for emissions reduction and for minimization of oil dependence through increase of products efficiency and development of vehicles that run alternative fuels. But it was only the beginning. In 2006, the company set the target to reduce CO2 emissions by 10% compared to 2000 level by the end of 2010. The goal was successfully reached. Now, the company is determined to achieve an even more ambitious aim. The target is increased to 30% reduction by 2020 in comparison to 2000 level. The aim is to reduce emissions of all the products from cars and motorbikes to even power generators. All Honda's environmental goals are united by the Blue Skies for Our Children slogan, which reflects proactive position of the company in the question of environmental protection. Even though it has such a strong rival as Mazda that wants to achieve the same 30% emission reduction yet by 2015, it seems that Honda is determined to become the greenest auto company.

Jan 10, 2013
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Great looking Honda, fit and finish is neer perfect and the color is right on.
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Better than expected Honda, easy to install and clean!
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