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Due to WWII, the bulk of the 1940s saw a period in which Pontiac models did not see many alterations. The company was holding steady with the Streamliner and Torpedo but it was the development of the Hydra-matic automatic transmission that gave Pontiac a needed boost in 1948. The '50s ushered in the Star Chief, one of the most important models in the brand's history. The V8 Star Chief would lead to the Bonneville. The Bonneville began as a limited edition Star Chief convertible featuring fuel-injection. Stylish, expensive, and powerful, the Bonneville was a top-of-the-line sedan that further bolstered Pontiac's image. The Catalina, Star Chief, Ventura (which was like a smaller Bonneville), Tempest, GTO, Grand Prix, Grand Am and Bonneville held up the Pontiac roster throughout the next decade. The Pontiac Firebird premiered in 1967, designating it as the automaker's first pony car. The oil-deprived '70s saw a decline in performance-hungry motorists. The Ventura II appeared in 1971 and a year later the Tempest was discontinued. The early '80s brought a boom to Pontiac, however, and would prove to be the most significant era in the company's history.

For those who desire long-range durability but also crave reciprocal performance, Pontiac has been there, featuring models such as the flagship Bonneville, the ever-popular Trans Am, the sleek but economical Sunfire editions, all the way to the even more contemporary "G" line that has garnered so much attention. A stand out performer on the track as well as the street, Pontiac drivers will always enjoy the power and style that they have come to know and love. It's a relationship as boundless as the name itself.

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Since 1926, Pontiac has been recognized for producing high-performing vehicles that deliver on style and dependability. Named after the famous Native American Chief Pontiac, the brand started off in 1900 as the Pontiac Spring & Wagon Works. In 1908, the Oakland Motor Company and Pontiac Spring & Wagon Works merged to form the Oakland Motor Car Company. Soon after, GM purchased the Oakland Motor Car Company. Pontiac quickly took off, not only outselling Oakland, but establishing a standard with its 6-cylinder Cartercar. Throughout the 1920s Pontiac's line of 6-cylinder engines made an immediate impact, most notably with the Chief, which sold almost 77,000 units in its first year. Come the early '30s, Pontiac was assembling affordable sedans which featured inline 8-cylinder engines by borrowing heavily from GM stablemate Chevy. It was during these instances of innovation where Pontiac began to assert itself more and more as a company with a reputation for providing performance-oriented vehicles and strong Pontiac parts the everyday driver could get their hands on.

Thanks to a complete redesign and the success of NBC's Knight Rider, the Firebird created a surge that would help set a tempo for the first part of the decade. The Fiero was introduced two years later in 1984. A two-seater coupe, the Pontiac Fiero provided drivers with a nice chunk of performance at a decent price tag and became an immediate hit. Together with the Grand Prix, Grand Am, and Trans Am still holding strong, Pontiac models were gaining consistent sales. The '90s saw anti-lock brakes, airbags, and GM's vaunted Quad-4 engine as standard Pontiac parts on all models. Revisions to the Firebird in 1993 and 1998, respectively, sparked interest. Pontiac also renewed the Grand Prix, making it comparable to compact stars such as the Accord. As the new millennium came into focus, Pontiac got to work. Thanks to the birth of the Pursuit and the Grand Am's transformation into the stylish G6 in 2004, Pontiac sustained relevancy. Other models such as the sporty G8, the Torrent - a versatile yet stylish SUV, and the legendary GTO all contribute to the ongoing legacy that Pontiac is known for throughout the country.

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Pontiac Owners Remain Loyal to GM
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The aggressive incentives plays that GM made to retain old customers payed off. According to the latest report from Edmundu's Auto Observer, GM managed to improve the retention rate of former Pontiac owners. When General Motors got rid of its performance-oriented division last year, there was a speculation that the majority of the Pontiac buyers would shift to another company. The fears proved to be wrong, at least so far. Edmundu's experts analyzed the numbers and found that around 40% (39.9% to be specific) of Pontiac owners that traded in for a new vehicle opted for another GM brand. Compared to 2010, the retention rate is eight percentage points better, which is the best result since 2007, when the company kept the same 39.9% of buyers. Surprisingly, Chevy is the the most popular brand with the former Pontiac admirers, as 28.1% of shoppers opted for the bowtie. Those customers that decided to go elsewhere stayed loyal to domestic automakers with 9.4% switching to Ford, and 7.4% jumping to Toyota Motor Sales USA and American Honda Motor Co.

Jan 07, 2013

The Last of the Pontiacs Sold
Pontiac news

Although the production of the last Pontiac, the G6 Sedan, ended in November 2009, the proud maker of the legendary GTO stayed nominally alive with many new cars left in stock. Pontiac's last breath was recorded almost a year later, on November 1, 2010 when the last remaining new car, the Soltice coupe, was sold. Last year was a period of ghostly existence for Pontiac, as customers showed low interest in the remaining vehicles, regardless of the "limited-quantity appeal". It was a sad end for the manufacturer that used to set the trend in the muscle car segment and once sold 920,000 vehicles per year. However, it may cheer up all Pontiac fans that GM has kept the rights for the brand, so perhaps, Pontiac will rise from the ashes sometime in the future (for instance, Chevrolet considers the return of the El Camino, so everything's possible).

Jan 05, 2013

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Great Pontiac - by Kolobok Sem, Jan. 14, 2013
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These are great bulbs, especially that my vehicle is now highly visible at night, and when the children are in the car, it gives a greater sense of security. My vehicle is black and a little more difficult to see at night. These bulbs made the difference. I will definitely be doing business with your company again soon. Thanks again and Happy New Year to you all...
Love It! - by Hiya Lee, Jan 12, 2013
5/ 5stars
It really looks good on my Corolla, but it was kinda hard to insert it. Overall, I love it.
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