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  • Rapper RZA includes the line "Kneel to Zod" in his song, "Gone".
  • The American rock band Electric Six includes the "Kneel before Zod" line in its song "Rip It"
  • Rapper Tech N9ne, in the song "Sinister Tech", says "I'll make you kneel before Zod".
  • Irish thrash metal band Gama Bomb's Citizen Brain album features a song entitled "In the Court of General Zod".


In the novel The Last Days of Krypton (by Kevin J. Anderson, ISBN 0-06-134074-X), General Zod (also known as Commissioner Dru-Zod) is the son of Cor-Zod (former head of the Kryptonian Council). Initially a middle-level bureaucrat, he takes advantage of a major planetary cataclysm and the apparent decapitation of the government to seize absolute power as a military despot. He is ultimately overthrown by a resistance movement led by scientist Jor-El and his brother, civic leader Zor-El.

Web series

  • In 2010, Doug Walker of That Guy with the Glasses produced a Christmas series in which he plays General Zod analyzing some of the traditions and symbols of Christmas (including snowmen, Christmas trees, and Santa Claus). In February 2011, Walker appeared as Zod, announcing his candidacy for President of the United States. In 2012, Zod re-appeared as an antagonist in the fourth anniversary special, To Boldly Flee, once again played by Walker. Nostalgia Critic and his fellow Channel Awesome reviewers must travel to Jupiter in order to discover the fate of Ma-Ti following his sacrificial death at the end of Suburban Knights. Zod is introduced by the series' shadowy antognist, The Executor (played by Walker's brother, Rob) to replace the incompetent Terl (Noah Antwiler) from Battlefield Earth, whose numerous failures in stopping the Critics infuriates his master no end. He is later killed along with Terl and Linkara's evil robotic counterpart, Mechakara, after the trio crashes their ship into the Executor's Space station, and a thermal detonator in Mechakara goes off.
  • Parodies of the character have been seen in some episodes of the web series Galacticast, played by actor Rudy Jahchan.

Video games

  • General Zod appears in Lego Batman 2: DC Super Heroes, voiced by Townsend Coleman.
  • General Zod appears in the DC Universe Online video game, voiced by Alexander Brandon.
  • The 1988 Superman NES game has the Zod trio as the final bosses whom Superman must defeat in order to win the game. The fight takes place at the fictional Statue of Freedom in Metropolis, based on the Statue of Liberty.
  • General Zod is mentioned in World of Warcraft with a weapon named "Zod's Repeating Longbow", which bears the phrase "Kneel before him".

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