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General Zod Love Superman

General Zod is a fictional character from the Superman comics published by DC Comics. He has also appeared in other Superman media spin-offs. Zod is one of Superman's more prominent arch enemies.

Later Versions of Zod

After the Crisis on Infinite Earths rewrote much of the history of the DC Universe and its characters, it was initially established that there were no Kryptonian survivors other than Superman. Consequently, the four different General Zods that have since appeared have had different origins from the original.

General Zod in 2008
  1. A second incaranation of General Zod was introduced in the 2001 storyline "Return to Krypton". He was the head of the Kryptonian military in an artificial reality created by Brainiac-13. Like the original Pre-Crisis version he held the Kryptonian equivalent of fascist beliefs, he sent aliens to the ghetto city of Kandor. He planned a military coup but was defeated by Superman and the Jor-El of that Krypton.
  2. The first came from a Krypton in a pocket universe created by the Time Trapper. He, with his companions Quex-Ul and Faora, devastated the Earth of that universe following the death of its Superboy, eventually forcing the Superman of the main universe to execute them. This version of Zod is based on the Pre-Crisis version.

After several inconclusive encounters with Superman, he revealed his long range plan: turning the sun red and taking Superman's place. This was temporarily successful, until Lex Luthor rescued Superman, gave him a blast of yellow solar radiation to regain his powers, and worked to restore the Sun. Superman returned to battle Zod, but refused to kill him. However, when the sun reverted to yellow, Zod still struck Superman with all his power, and was killed.

The third General Zod to exist in current continuity is a Russian who was affected prior to his birth by kryptonite radiation, because he was the son of two cosmonauts whose ship was too close to Kal-El's rocket. The result is he was unnaturally weak but has superpowers under a red sun (which leads Superman to lose his). He grew up in a KGB laboratory, under the name Zed. Apparently spoken to by the spirit of the Pocket Universe Zod, he created a suit of red armour that filtered the sunlight, and declared himself ruler of the former Soviet state of Pokolistan.

General Zod in 2008
  1. Recently, the twelve-issue storyline "For Tomorrow"(Superman #204-#215), written by Brian Azzarello and pencilled by Jim Lee, introduced a fourth version of General Zod. This Zod resides in the Phantom Zone alone and resents Superman for tampering with it. This Zod is not believed to come from a pocket universe or alternate dimension: supposedly, he comes from the same Krypton as Superman and was exiled to the Phantom Zone by Superman's father Jor-El. However, as he appeared in a version of the Phantom Zone which had been created by Superman to resemble a living world (incuding the creation of seemingly living beings), it is possible that he was in fact a creation of the Zone and not a real Kryptonian.

The Blue Age Zod

He was often portrayed as a megalomaniacal bald man, and some think he was based on Nazi fanatics, espousing purity and aggression for Kryptonians.

In one adventure, Zod and a number of Kryptonian criminals escaped the zone and came to Earth, disguising themselves like Superman (whom they had observed) and using their powers to benefit mankind, like him. The reason for this was that they had a common enemy with the Man of Steel. Superman tricked them into going back into the Phantom Zone by travelling there with them and using a fragment of Jewel Kryptonite to escape in the nick of time.

As he was first portrayed in Superman comics during the period known as the "Silver Age of Comic Books", Zod was one of a number of Kryptonian villains trapped in the Phantom Zone, who would occasionally escape and target Superman. He first appeared in Adventure Comics #283 (April 1961). His full Kryptonian name was Dru-Zod.

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